They warned me and I listened but  THEN I DIDN’T HAHAHAHAHAhaha

if you ever even just cut your hair short, it will be the twilight zone

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i like having my own apartment bc it means when my family comes to visit i can just say “you’re under my roof” and they can’t protest shit

update my dad is grounded

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"He calls each and every star by name. It’s not likely that He’s forgotten yours."
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Sweet and docile,

Meek, humble, and kind:

Beware the day

They change their mind.”

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My goal is to get out more and not let my anxiety hold me back from meeting new people.


The astounding thing about the Gospel is God never gives up on us. Jesus loves us even when we hurt Him over and over again. And when we ask for His forgiveness He always favors us with His amazing grace.

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